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Guangzhou Bosen mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. is a very powerful company in China, selling drilling rig parts and open-air drilling rig parts. For many years, it has been operating the spare parts of well-known drilling equipment such as Atlas Copco Sandvik epiroc. The company has an inventory of 10 million every year and provides high-quality products to many construction units in China. Its main customers include well-known enterprises such as Sinohydro, CCCC, China Railway, large copper, iron ore and gold, and gradually develop dealers at home and abroad. The company's philosophy is to use first-class products, enjoy first-class services, win-win cooperation and operate in good faith.

Guangzhou Bosen mechanical equipment Co., Ltd

Contact: Mr. Feng

Mobile: 18588829164

Tel: 020-31062186

Website: www.andhe.net.cn com

Address: 313, No. 258, Shanxi Road, Daping village, Shatou street, Panyu District, Guangzhou

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